UK soccer predictions

UK soccer predictions

Celebrating season start in England

12.08.2023 – Saturday 13:30

England Premier League

Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest

Home team to win to nil Odd 1.80 Result 2:1


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UK soccer predictions betting tip

We are celebrating season start in English Premier League.

Yesterday was first match in Premier League. Burnley vs Manchester City was our match of interest. Easy win solid odd we have won yesterday. However more matches are coming today. In addition in the following preview we will explain how to place your bet and we will look at few more options as betting tips. Also if you find it difficult to find this match on your bookie feel free to contact us on email or Whatsapp and we will give you full instructions how to place your bet.

All facts are going in favor of Arsenal

Firstly we will look at their head to head stats. Since 20.09.2016 they have played 6 matches and Nottingham Forest are scoreless in 5 of them. 5 wins for Arsenal 1 for Nottingham Forest. Secondly and also important to look at Arsenal’s perform against Manchester City. Great performance for Arsenal due injuries of Jesus and Zinchenko. Thirdly and most important is that Arsenal is one of the favorites for title this year, we can’t say that for Nottingham Forest. But they are favorites to relegate to Championship.

Explained betting tip Home team to win to nil

On conclusion of all we said before we need to explain how to place you bet first. Home team to win to nil simply means that Home team should win the match without conceding any goals. Example 1:0, 2:0, 3:0 etc. Also we will offer few betting options for this match. Second best will be AH1-1.5 which means arsenal to win the match with two or more goals difference. Third one is also higher one AH1-2.5 or Arsenal to win the match with three or more goals difference but on lower stake. Good luck to all of you. We wish you profitable weekend.

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